Monday, July 27, 2009

gov's secret weapon - FEAR

our super kiasu gov best used weapon on all the peasants spells FEAR.

they always exaggerated that we must keep preferably $1M or more in our cpf for ourretirement. do we really need to have 1M when we retire?

if say 4M folks here really save $1M ea in their cpf for retirement nest, the gov would have a superjackpot windfall of 4,000,000,000,000. so many zeroes! is the unit to describe the figure called 4 TRILLIONS then??!!

gov overplays on our FEAR. it stir us intensely about our APPREHENSION about our future. by doing so, it creates alot of unnecessary ANXIETIES among the peasants. when that is accomplished, most peasants lose their humane nature. everything becomes MONEY intended. every actions, deeds (and misdeeds), topics, discussion, motivation and etc become money motivated.

what then becometh of our nation? beside MONEY, it's more MONEY.

if we were recalled how our ancestors came to this tiny red dot with nothing but a sarong or a swan panties around their waist, SINGAPORE finally is still evolved!

the intrinsic value that maketh this country is not MONEY. rather it's the moral and humane nature of all singaporeans. the intangible of hardworking, self-service, concern, compassion, kindness and all the positive virtues we gladly and generously share among us is what make us very least up till today.

as we look around us, big reputated firms began flopping and laying quite demised around us. something obviously is very wrong that's happening all around. look at temasek. it loses BILLIONs without batting an eyelid. no heads rolls. the jinxed bitch is still there arrogantly holding tight to the helm. there is no accountability held.

the strange thing is most singaporeans just couldn't be bothered or demand for answer and reasons to why such fallacy happens when they are so bloody obscenely paid!


but if there were any slight credit, true enough the minitoots would begin their bragging and their credits claiming. things like a trustable gov with integrity and all the blah..blahs. what happen when the reversed occur like now which is so often? is the gov trustable or deserved more PUBLIC THRUSTING?


the difference we are seeing from our really honest, hardworking and respectful ancestors and the present obscenely paid elitists is this: GREED HAS OVERTAKEN most. MONEY IS THE LANGUAGE NOW. and greed drives it to such a higher plane that every humane values that were passed down are now in deep freeze and cold storage.


sad isn't it?

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