Tuesday, September 1, 2009

seriously, how did singapore get its name?

did sang nila utama really see a singa or lion? in south east asia, how could there possibly be a LION roaming around and so coincidentally found its way to singapore and again so coincidentally spotted by sang nila utama.

he thought he saw a singa (malay word for lion) and hence name our country SINGAPURA or LION CITY. but was it really a lion he saw? could there be another version to our story how the name SINGAPURA or SINGAPORE being evolved?

there were plenty of wild boars roamin in our country during that time. could it be a wild boar utama see?

if it were really a wild boar, then perhaps our country should be name BABIPURA or PIGAPORE.

confusing as it seem, our gov just couldn't be bothered to straighten all this ??? marks out just like leaving it to remain a myth as in tamasick's fairy tales "happily ever after".

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