Tuesday, September 1, 2009

seriously, how did MERLION come about?

i wanted to start a new thread on this but hell! let's lump all these folklore (or tourist conjob in one thread).


it's just like what kumar, the drag queen quoted: he has the female inside him but the male hanging outside!


#1, there is no LION. pronto!
#2, there is definitely no MERMAID. we have many ugly bitches but mermaids? wait long long!

and how could a LION mate with a MERMAID to give u a progeny called MERLION? siao is it!!?

so singapore is a concity and cooks up something so preposterous just for the sake of conning the tourists over.

i used to have foreign visiting pals asking me, "how and what is a merlion come about?"

being a joker, i just shoot them with this story:

er...u see we used to have a horny lion ( bo bian, only african plains got LIONS not here) and a bitchy mermaid. they fell in love and mated. that was how their baby MERLION was born. later, the LION quarrelled with the MERMAID. he ate her up, got choked by her bones and both perished which left our icon MERLION as the sole survivor.

do u wanna know why our famous late orang utan bitch was named after a guy's name, AH MENG?

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