Friday, September 18, 2009

BB's going home tonight

at the strike of midnite tonite, BB's going home. it's the end of the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL. there would be intense burning of incense papers and offerings. it would be a smoky foggy nite. it would also be a last chance for bb to play with the bitch who stole bb's daddy and caused mommy to ve an abortion due to severe depression while pregnant with poor bb

tonite is 30th of the 7th Lunar Month (in engrish date, it's 18 sep 2009).

all ghosts, spirits and hell officials would have to return to the underworld at exactly midnite.

bb is very sad. bb still witnessing the evil bitch trying her game at seducing a messiah of the circus of clowns. bb is wondering....wondering what would her own teletubbies kids call her new lover. the teletubbies would be confused. they already got a biological father they call DADDY. now they have to call another strange bf of their bitchy mom DADDY. how come they have 2 daddies?

and worst, the 2 teletubbies are together. but now they would have to be separated: one lives with the original daddy while the other goes to live with bitchy mom and bf who's now their new pirated daddy. so which daddy is really DADDY?

as for BB, BB is sad but after this story, bb knows that the guilt conscience (if that bitchy troll has one) would live with it till her last breathe. anyway, there's always a next time. yep! next year, next HUNGRY GHOSTS FESTIVAL, the hell gate would be opened again and bb shall be back. BB shall be back. bb misses bb's poor own biological mom who hasn't gotten over the loss of bb. instead she's always depressed and grieved terribly at the loss of bb.

this is a very strange world. the oppressed remains sad while the evil troll is seducing more men with her FLIRT&DESTROY skill. why are men so foolish and do not see beyond their LUST?

are most of them possessed a brain in their testicles instead of in their head? u know, their blainjuices are at the small dickhead most of the time instead of the head on their shoulder?

really strange wacky world bb would never understand cos bb didn't even live past 10 months before bb has now become a lost little miserable wondering spirit....

mommy, please take care and try to be happy. bb is leaving this midnite and hope to be back next year unless someone could enlighten bb to head for the light leading to the next realm. i doubt that would ever is still a bb spirit with very limited understanding....mommy, bye. bb shall miss u...bye, mommy, bye!

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