Wednesday, November 25, 2009

H1N1 could be an USA conspiracy?

they created a new strain virus, brought it to mexico, injected into the pigs.....and the rest was history. H1N1 was born! :(

this article could be the forefront to a pandora box.....

You see, it was believed that AIDS was created in the lab and not only that, the spread of it was in disguise of hepatitis vaccine in the 1970s. These were used to contain the population of gays in the united states back then. Many posters read "Hurry! Last chance for GAYS to get hepatitis vaccine"!

What many people don't know is this, they were getting the AIDS from that vaccine.

The conspiracy is simply. America government wanted to reduce gays population. At the same time, they wanted to destroy the black people community. So cleverly they went to a small town somewhere in Africa and give aids to black people. And create a this mind boggling theory that "Aids come from chimpanzees". Yep, sure.

Aids spread from gays to normal people, from black people to yellow people during the 80s and many people died. The rest is history.

SARS were also created in lab. Ever wondered why SARS was rampant in Asia? Not america? Not south america? Not europe? It's a weapon used by the America government to tame Asia's progress in economy or financial. It came out from China, just tells you where they want the people to die don't you?

Why don't we see things things happen in America?

As a fact, America's military technology is at the very least 100 years more advance than public technology. Imagine, in 1945 they already invented atomic bomb, what could they had invented after this 70 years?

Do you believe me if I say America military technology has the ability to manipulate weather condition? No wonder many believed that typhoon and hurricane in poor countries like cambodia, vietnam, philippines indonesia and poor part of China were created by America using sonic weapon which is some kind of accoustic device.

Why? Because poor countries should remain poor so the rich countries can take advantage of them. Why these 'natural disasters' are not happening to well develop and key economical nations like hongkong, singapore or Japan? Because these are KEY nations. The rich protect the rich. The poor will be made poorer.

So now you know the whole story.

And now you want to know more? I tell you more.

Do you believe this stupid thing call H1N1? Do you know what is the big hoo haa over it?

H1N1 is a hoax. The American govenrment which is run by the mafia illuminati group is trying to get people to take the untested H1N1 vaccine.

I don't know this vaccine will cause to human because the story has not unfold. There is no flu pandemic my friend. It's the clever elite force of the world who is trying to get people to experiment for something.

Just think. People everywhere have recvered quite nicely from their 'swine flu' without taking any vaccines so how bad can it be?

So I say, it is not the flu but it's the vaccine that is going to put individual at risk. What kind of risk? I don't know but try searching for H1N1 flu vaccine ingredients in google and you will realise that it contains squalene which is something that can cause auto-immune diseases, thimerosal which is something that destroy brain cells, and many other harmful ingredients.

Do you seriously want your body to take this kind of things? These vaccines are recommended for young children and older people who are above the age of 65. These people's immune systems are going to be more at risk, why? My guess is that this conspiracy is to bring down the average age of the world population.

In the 80s, vaccine for gays turned out to be AIDS. This vaccine you dare to take?

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