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notice one fella's face was censored as he walked up the stairs? why like that?

and a exaggerated FR about this function. take it easy ;)

a comedy nite of fun @ RP dinner
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paying like few hundred more for a cramped table of 10 at the RP dinner was well worth it!

although, the dishes served out was short-changed, the entertainment for the night was worth it! we tot it was gonna be 10 course but ended up serving 6 only. no sharksfin. no double-boiled soup. no roast piggy, duck, or abalone etc.

oops! we got abalone in spinach but not the one from the sea. instead it was one from rotting trees - abalone mushroom. inexpensive abalone mushroom thin slices and 10 exactly!!

whoever ordered the dishes for that night was indeed very enterprising!

edmund ng was a doll as the nite's mc. maybe x'mas party we should engage him as SANTA CLAUS.

the only lacking that night was chiobus. all we got was mostly marjojohn's laukuaybus club. incidentally, lamei was in this club too. sorry, no offence!

even the leeporter was the famous and quite notorious lkb. she was none the less, sylvia...wait lah! not lim but SYLVIA TOH PAIK CHOO. wow!! she's looking chio-er than ever!! ah choo, if u reading this, u should know who i m ;)

i was asking LTS who were this 2 jokers strolling hand in hand from one end to another..back..and forth. and oh! it was ramseth and lockeliberal! must congrat the newly wedded. they really looked like a couple - the groom and the groom. hahaha! sorry! joking again ;)

chinese as usual really thought this was indeed a wedding dinner. dinner was served at about 8pm, 15 minutes later after NG TECK SIONG's repetitive speech which he had already presented in one of chia's seminar in fragrant hotel. by the way, we were told to be punctual at 7pm.

soon it was JBJ's turn to give an auguration speech. by about 9pm, jbj was still speaking. wow piang!! no joke! as long winded as ever.

when he started to speak, everyone did pay attention to jbj. but as it dwindled on and on, i think most pay more attention to the miserly food served.

then it was the garland necking time. all the opp parties leaders were called on stage. each was necked with a garland. chee was the last to go up. loud applause resounded. it was for the whole group of opp leaders. please don't credit that to chee. chee's table by the way was nearest to the toilet.

flash lights clicked furiously....the teochew's style steamed live seabass dish which was served was mopped up in no time leaving only the skeletal frame. shit! some joker beaten me to the entire fish-head!

then drama time! a michael jackson look alike almost stole the limelight. it was seelan pillay with his trademark ponytail. he wanted to do a indian dance on stage. by then the dinner had ended with the last serving of tau sar pin.

most of the guests were rushing for the exit. they didn't wanna puke if his sari were to drop. gms n gang headed for some kopi and teh tarik at the nearby S11 kopitiam.

not long, they were approached by seelan pillay. not again!! he wanted to do an indian dance to everyone there. luckily, we commented how he resembled michael jackson and he should do a moonwalk instead. hack!! he only knew classical indian dance. that settled, we skipped his performance. luckily! or we would be puking teh n kopi at each other!! LOL!

why did seelan wanna perform for gohmengseng and his group? guys who were at the table, any answer?

mind boggling session starts now.

dr was extremely observant!

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