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emptiness is form...form is emptiness

someone posted his view about the above phrase which was that i commonly used before in that zany sbf forum....i think i know who this joker is!!

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OMPMH! May Peace be Upon Thee! OMPMH!

Do not abandon the boat while you are on the waters. Do not drag the boat along when you are on the land. OMPMH!

Buddha is there but not there. Buddha already in the state of Nirvana, how can He be there? He will be there when you ask for Him. He will not be there when He is already in Nirvana. He is Dharmma, just like a water in the sea of Dharma. Can you identify that little drop of water from the whole sea? But that drop of water will appear when it hits the sand of the beach. Will disappear when it withdrew into the sea.

That is, Form is emptiness, emptiness is Form. Emptiness will be Form, just like that drop of water coming to you when the sea reaches the beach. But it will no longer be there and become emptiness when it withdrew into the sea.

In the sea of Dharma, your state of mind is what you draw from the sea of Dharma, just like that drop of water coming out from that sea.

It is wrong to believe Buddha is there but not for anyone to call for His help or protection when needed. It is also wrong to believe there is no Buddha at all for anyone to call for protection. It is even wrong to expect protection from Buddha, the Dharma whenever you needed. Buddha is "non-existence" because He is already out of the realms of rebirth. But Buddha is neither empty nor a form. Buddha is Dharma sea.

When you call for Buddha's protection, you think its Buddha coming to your help but its you who are going to Buddha for help. You are going to the beach of the Dharma sea to get that little drop of Dharma water. When you think you are sending Buddha off, you are actually walking off from that beach and returning that drop of Dharma water into that sea.

What merits you share or transfer neither diminish nor increase, how could it have harm? Merits cannot be "robbed" nor "stolen", not like rich man giving money and getting robbed. Once a merit is robbed from somebody, it will no longer be merits but sin or a bad deed with demerits. Stop believing in rubbish.

OMPMH! May the Wisdom rise in Thou! OMPMH!
From: OweMoneyPayMeHor (OMPMH) 01:06
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OMPMH! May Wisdom arises in Thou! OMPMH!

Wisdom is within and not to learnt. Buddha attained Wisdom not by learning but by inner state of mindfulness. Chanting is a state of mind and meditation. Only with a stable state of mind, frequency and vibration, then your wisdom will arise from within.

Gurus are for guidance in getting that state of mind but not for learning any Wisdom. Anything read, listen, see or hear, are not from within but from external. That is not WISDOM. Getting other tree's shade to shelter you is not having built your own shelter. Anything from your 5 senses will most likely to be defilements and not Wisdom. Wisdom cannot be spoken nor transferred. Wisdom only arises from yourself.

Meditation or even Chanting as a state of mind, will open up your wealth of Wisdom. So who says chanting cannot provide you Wisdom? Stop believing in rubbish!

OMPMH! May your Wisdom arises within Thou! OMPMH!

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