Friday, July 18, 2008

23 OCT 2006, co-incidental or an omen?

i wrote this visit to FOO HAI CHAN on 23 oct, '06. was it an omen that there would be upheaval in the temple which is happening now?

PG 3

WE WERE NOW IN THE MAIN HALL....infront of us was the awesome humongous thousand arms with thousand eyes MERCIFUL GUANYIN PUSA....
without hesitation i knelt at the low stool facing directly at guanyin...the stools got this wording..THIS STOOL IS FOR THE MONK....written in chinese. what monk? monk what? also monk wannabe i didn't care just kneel and clasp my hand in prayer. closed my eyes and focus my thought on the guanyin infront of me....
i dunno how to put it....i tot i heard sutras...dunno what i knew i din know was strange.
what was stranger after that really astound me. it was very cooling in the massive hall. beads of sweats started to form on me...i could feel even on my scalp, big big beads of sweat were congregating...and it niagra fall...yes...beads dropping onto the floor....
i opened slightly my eyes to peep at the awesome guanyin...AND YES THIS TIME I SAW TEARS IN HER EYES....yes i did!!!....was it the lighting?? yes no...but this time, i saw...2 streams of tears...and without any emotion in me...i was feeling rather tranquil and 2 rows of tear also started to flow.....
it flowed..and it flowed...and i really was stunned!!
i opened my teary eyes. my cid pal was already suddenly next to me, wide mouth opened. he din make a noise. he was observing me....he was stunned...sotong was walking all over the hall like searching for lucky numbers like that...hahahaha....;9)
i was stunned...i couldn't control the kept coming out of my big round spectacle was drenched...oh shit!...i got to dig into my hare krishna bag for paper napkin to wipe cos the tissue i used wasn't enough!
after that, i heaved a sigh of relieve...and impromptuly it came, the tears just stopped...just like this! a turned off tap instantly..hahahaha...;9)...why?
i dunno. that's why i m posting this weird happening maybe some powderful buddhist brothers here could enlighthened me..
after that....3 of us brothers headed to OLD AIRPORT ROAD HC and have our makan there....and that would be another funny tale to tell...hahahaha....;9)
- end of our FR for today...;9)

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