Friday, July 11, 2008

11 july 2008

18 charged in court. this what chiatilik, the lawyer gotta say:

GST was instituted way back before the abrupt inflation took place due to increase in world oil prices.

something is very lacking in his speech. INFLATION IS AN INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENUM. pinning down on the gov for their incapability to contain inflation seems rather unfair and quite ludicrously shallow.

other countries around the regions, their citizens suffered due to their inefficient govs and rife corruptions.

over here, at least it is still quite well under controlled. just because the effect from the control which the gov is trying their best hasn't be felt instantaneously, it doesn't mean our gov is doing nothing.

i used to be very very biased against our gov. but because after mingling with all these people who are so highly educated, i was utterly disappointed at their shallow mentality and insightness of matters.

we love to complain. beside complain and complain...there are really more we can do instead. we can be more frugal, can't we?

all those people creating so much public nuisance were in fact wasting more resource of the gov, misleading the masses and u wonder what could that help to achieve? more would join them in the public protest? create more public upheavals and escalated into unrest so that it might wreck the sacred peace of the society?

imagine what would happen if all those were to happen? who suffer in the end? of course, they would say that it would be that serious. what if it really occur, are they going to be responsible about it?

if the people cannot withstand the policies or the gov itself, they would protest like in our neighbouring countries. the so called 'concerned protestors' do not have to instigate and flame peasants' emotion.

when it's coming from chee, it's more of a personal vendetta and hatred he has against the gov than really a genuine concern for the citizens cos it had occurred once too often before...and it was always over quite similar kind of grouses.

we have to be mindful and see our surrounding to validate our grouses againt the gov.


please look at the matter deeper, remain calm and decide if it makes more sense to follow their calling.

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