Tuesday, July 15, 2008

> Coffee Shop Talk - next on the chopping board shi min yi...
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> m not sure...but there was once a newspaper interview about
> he carries with him the maximum value type of credit cards. the
> active monk who was reputated to travel first class, too...how
> u tell me.
> to be a monk is not an easy thing...why u think i m still here
> contemplating and hesitating?
> one has to forego all worldly materialism. live simple on plain
> and veggies....definitely no meat. do lots of chanting amd
> to clear the mind and come to realisation of enlightening....to do
> compassionate deed...mainly to explain the layman about buddhism so
> that they would also be able to cultivate a compassionate
> then spread that compassion around...and so on...all the good but
> rather mundane and pai seh...very boring tasks...and definitely no
> indo chiobu to mess around with...
> look at this monk....trying to be spiderman...if he wants to be
> spiderman, then disrobe and be an actor acting spiderman...next
> at the fakey task he did...standing on the top of a narrow
> if he wants to be that....the join FEAR FACTOR.
> IN Prajnaparamita heart sutra, it says if u r emperor u act like
> and not a court jester. so applying this principle, if u r a monk,
> act like one instead of a daredevil....
> the world's in a mess cos the role "allocated" to each individual
> not played out according. eg. our clown prince...being a clown goes
> on to be the pm...and look what happen here....durai being the
> involved in charities got carried away by temption on the amount
> obscene vast wealth that his charity nkf can amass...so this
> corrupted him...instead of playing the role of a man, he chooses to
> be a humongonous hungry burmese python swallowing the greed of
> materialism....now see what happen...python soon to be slaughtered
> and double boiled as shiok snake soup.....
> so by involving himself in such frivolous exposure, he has already
> forego his humility....his passiveness and his vow monk....if my
> senses don't serve me wrong....he should be the next botak snake to
> be skinned and double boiled....chui guo chui guo!
> it was also he...if i m not terribly mistaken...who brought in lim
> fatt...the botak chinese DJ into the temple...where the botak
> along with him XXX vcds to corrupt novice monks....maybe he was the
> spider spirit in disguise tempting those blur blur monks so that he
> could eat them alive. luckily the matter was exposed and the botak
> lim was expelled from the temple premises....so imagine what kind
> fellow this monk is who can bring in such mischief into sacred
> ground?
> chui guo chui guo...hope everything i just mentioned is totally
> absolutely wrong....chui guo to me too....

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