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this comment is fair and rational. it should put many of the incessant despicable forummers and hypocrites in sbf to shame! by the way, i m not spared too ;9(
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From: A.Chia (cmirror) 15:02
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A measure of a man is not dependent on his academic qualifications. nor educated, primary sch, ITE, private school, NUS, post grad? All these do not measure the value of a person nor equate anything to one's personhood. Personal attributes and graciousness are far more important.

We may hold differing views and may be disgusted by each others' methods, however, the many personal attacks, bringing in academic successes or failures, according to each own's definition? lanching attacks on one's family members, attacking on one's illness, black smearing with exaggerated graphic descriptions of sexual acts etc, seem to be crossing the line a bit too much here.

I am an individual observer who is very supportive of the opposition politics in SG. However, looking at the many aspiring politicians or activists involving and behaving in such manner surely makes one sit back and review and ponder. I still stand firm in supporting opposition politics in SG, will not be affected by what is happening here in this forum. However, it will be a pity that you may lose many potential mid ground singaporeans whom you have good chances of winning over who may be reading this forum now. They most probably will be rather put off by what is happening over here. From the postings and the information posted here, I am sure among the posters are really members from the WP and the recent TBT political activist. At first I thought maybe not, cos how to verify with just the nicks? But then, the information each used to flame each other, including revealing addresses, phone numbers, etc etc....these information do tally with what belongs to the WP politicians and the TBT activist, plus observing the writing styles too. I am sure there are many readers of this forum, now starting to make their own conclusion.

I can't comment on the past hurts and betrayals and I fully know I am in no position to do that. I know each has his liberty to take offence and I believe that many of you here must have been through a very rough patch and have gone through a very difficult time, losing friendships, losing trust, feeling sabotaged, etc... and it definitely is not easy to get over, forget and move on. it takes time to heal.

Just that to be using this forum as a platform to get back at each other, you openly post yourselves to public scrunity and the political mileage for opposition politics has surely been affected. Once one aspires to be a politican or even an activist, one has more or less become a public figure subjected to public assessment...thus the way one conducts himself is of essential importance. It is no doubt true that one must practise what he preaches, i.e. if one preaches about moral standards and integrity, one then must practise that himself. When one talks about needing to have the certain wisdom, knowledge and maturity to conduct himself as a politician, to debate as a politician, then one must strive to conduct himself as thus. Let's not dissappoint the so many supporters and voters out there.

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