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personal hatred. what a word to use! the cause of all the unhappiness and suffering to oneself and inflicted onto others at the same time. From: MarkSoh 20:18
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I have only voted once in my life and that was during the last election because of the consistent walkovers for my GRC. However, with the re-zoning whereby my block is now part of a single counstituency, I had the opportunity to vote. Well, I must say that I voted for the opposition because I am well aware that with the GRC system and the lack of opposition candidates, the PAP will have already won the election. What surprised me was the fact that despite having so many heavy weights in my previous GRC, the team got the lowest number of votes.

To bring the discussion back into focus to this topic. If the party that is in my constituency is SDP or is CSJ, to be absolutely frank, I will void my vote rather than vote for the SDP. The main reason for my actions is because despite me not being convinced of the effectiveness of the alternative policies suggested by the oppositions, I am more comfortable with the other parties in adopting a moderate stance in providing some alternative voice rather than turning our parliament into a joke like the Taiwanese politicians.

Why China can move so fast in a relatively short period of time is because of the collectiveness of the political party. Singapore neither has the resources or time to engage in the type of fiasco acting that the Taiwanese politicians are engaged in. I am comfortable with the WP and other parties because so far they don't appear to be in the same league as the Taiwanese politicians.

What I am very uncomfortable with SDP and CSJ is how much of his actions are driven by personal hatred of the Lee family? Can I really let my baby girls grow up in a country where politicians are driven by personal hatred of one another? I forgot the name of the Taiwanese politician who offered to jump into the river but eventually did not. I maybe very wrong but somehow I have that same impression of CSJ. There are many ways to get your point across but to use the methods akin to the Taiwanese is something that I am not comfortable with.

Some may say that I am a coward. Well, if the definition of being a coward is wanting a safe environment for my kids to grow up where politics is about achieving results rather than an environment where urgent things are needed to be done but cannot be done because politicians are so busy acting in front of the TV, then please by all means call me a coward, a scum or a worthless piece of shit.

Although the current PAP policies may have resulted in significant hardship for alot of people, I really do not see other alternatives. I may not be an expert in economics or politics but if I put on my commonsense hat, I can see the rationale behind the actions. On the other hand, I am still against the payscale of politicians, the GRC system, the independence of the judiciary system and the elitism that the PAP scholars often show.

However, when it comes to CSJ, somehow I have lost respect for him since his open interview with George Yeo. One must realise their own strengths and weaknesses and be willing to tap on other's strengths. CSJ consistently failed to do that in his defenses in a court which resulted in him showing his weaknesses more. Of course, some may then say that it is because of a lack of courage in our legal fraternity where no one dares to defend him. If that is the case, then he must know that it maybe more worthwhile to protest in some other ways then direct confrontation. It may not bring about changes that rapidly but lets face it, there are some changes albiet very slowly. For one, I know for a fact that the ministries take public complaints and comments very seriously now and that is because of direct instructions from the top.

Well, that's it for me. Please feel free to curse and swear at me because I won't bother to respond.


the above forummer had indeed posted something which a group unhappy lot of people grossly overlooked. they are sadly blinded by PERSONAL HATRED.

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