Tuesday, April 7, 2009

wow!! la mei kena bashed up !!

He bashes her, slams her head into steering wheel
Despite her injuries, victim returns again and again to abusive manager boyfriend
By Chong Shin Yen
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SHE became her boyfriend's punching bag every time they had a tiff.
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He would punch and slap her, and slam her head against the car's steering wheel.

Once, he even tried to tear off her dress and bra.

Yet, Janet (not her real name), 41, stuck by her abusive boyfriend, 38, for more than a year.

Sure, she made police reports when he got violent. But every single time, she ended up going back to him.

On 25 Mar, Janet's boyfriend, Ben (not his real name), finally got his punishment - he was sentenced to 15 months' jail for voluntarily causing hurt and outrage of modesty

We are not using their real names as there is a court order against publishing any information that would reveal Janet's identity.

If Janet's story sounds familiar, you may have read about another abusive relationship in The New Paper - the report was published on the same day that Ben was sentenced.

Two days earlier, Jason John Porteous, 36, a project manager, was jailed 25 months for attempted manslaughter. He had flung his wife, Mrs Pimchanok Porteous, 33, out of their fourth-storey bedroom window.

But Mrs Porteous has forgiven her husband and has pledged to stand by him.

Why are these battered women so willing to forgive their abusive partners?

According to court documents obtained by The New Paper, Janet's boyfriend, a sales manager, first started abusing her on 20 Oct 2007.

It is not known how long the couple had been together.

Around 7.30pm that day, they were at Changi Jetty when Ben punched her on the head, neck and back.

On 6 Feb last year, they were driving along Upper Thomson Road when Ben turned violent again.

He punched her on the face, grabbed her hair and knocked her head against the steering wheel. Janet fractured her nasal bone as a result.

On yet another occasion, on 10 Jul last year, they were driving along Waterloo Street when they got into an argument.

During the scuffle, Ben punched her on her face, elbowed her back and slammed her head against the steering wheel.

He beat her up so badly that blood spurted out of her left ear. Janet was treated at the hospital on the same day.

Worst attack

The most violent attack came on 21 Aug last year. The court heard that Ben was driving her to her office that morning and they started quarrelling.

They were still fighting when they reached their destination. Ben refused to let her alight and instead drove off.

He parked at an isolated place on Sime Road, near Adam Road, where they continued arguing.

Then he slapped Janet on the mouth, pulled her hair, slammed her head on the car seat repeatedly, and hit her back with his elbow.

He then tried to tear off her dress and bra. When he failed to do so, he lifted her dress and pulled down her panties, causing them to tear.

Janet went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment the next day.

She had bruises on her face and left ear. There were also cuts on her chest and upper back. She was given one day of medical leave.

Ben was arrested after a police report was made and was charged on 23 Aug. He was later released on bail on condition that he was not to approach or speak to Janet.

But the court heard that Ben continued to contact Janet while on bail.

On 1 Mar this year, he turned violent again.

He went to her house and they fought over the charges that he was facing.

During the argument, Ben grabbed Janet's handphone and threw it at her. It hit her on the collarbone.

Ben also punched her on the upper body and arms.

In his mitigation, Ben, who was not represented by a lawyer, said he suspected Janet was still in contact with her ex-boyfriend. That was why he had lost his temper.

He added that he was remorseful and pleaded for a light sentence.

Three other charges of voluntarily causing hurt and voluntarily causing grievous hurt were taken into consideration during sentencing.

For outrage of modesty, Ben could have been jailed two years and caned. For voluntarily causing hurt, he could have been jailed two years and fined $5,000.

It is not known if the couple is still together.

it's funny. how certain uncompatible couples could end up as bf-gf then later husb-wifey and then the domestic violence begins and ends in bitter divorces.

every story of a domestic family issue of unhappiness hides a more disturbing tale.

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