Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hi, i m benny

singapore is a warped world which unabashfully dare declares itself "FIRST WORLD" country.

homosexuals especially the men are frowned upon and ostracised and even victimised. terminal diseases such as cancer which could be caused from habitual bad lifestyle living like drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating pattern etc could be conveniently accepted.

lesbianism is also growing here except that lesbians are more easily tolerated. what about the bisexuals? those who have wives and then hunt for other gay men for sexual pleasures? when the wife gets infected unwittingly and ignorant about the husband's altered-life, does she as an innocent victim get ostracised too? what about unborn infected children?

it boils down to a simple virtue that most singaporeans may not have. it's called GRACIOUSNESS, MAGNAMINITY AND ACCEPTANCE of your fellow man - straight, gay or bi.

if religion plays a part in our lives, then obviously most of the believers have failed miserably in their practices of LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. in another word, most are just unexposed hypocrites behaving like holier than thou fashion.

if AIDS could be a test from God to check on HUMANITY, then many do not qualify as human beings. why? it proves that the healthy and strong shunning the weak and sick which is a natural feature in the animal world where the strong feast on the weak and sick.

if one's perception of aids victim is only prejudices, ask yourself this: are u any different from the animal kingdom who feasts on the weak?

HI, I M BENNY is very real not only in singapore. it's everywhere in the world. AIDS is not really that scary. it's the human mind that turns it into a nightmare for the aids sufferers.

when shall humans finally realise their precious lost god-given compassion? maybe until one day, he faces the same predicament, then he realises vividly the wrongs he has done to his aids stricken brothers or sisters.

remember this: nobody can choose his/her own sexuality. given a choice, everyone would want to live a normal typical life. again, nobody is given that rights to ostracise another. we all flow the same colored blood. we are one way or another, brothers and sisters. we are the same in the eyes of GOD.

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