Wednesday, April 29, 2009

chatting in the secret chamber of FACEBOOK

seems that JJ's mix-up with SDP then made a left turn into RP was one of the causal factors that got his long lost father ng ah teck into trouble and ousted from RP CLAN which was like a "phoenix" club co-founded by ah teck and the late grandmaster JBJ.

ken must be well-informed about the notoriety of SDP and JJ. the following was an in chamber chat. a surprise revelation: lamui was involved too!! look like she was trying her F&D on ken. if she succeeded, stage 2 of the SDP's conspiracy could ignite more plots to come. stay tuned!

Ng is attending Monthly Pow Wow Gathering for FS. · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (10)Hide Feedback (10)You like this.
Kenneth Jeyaretnam at 1:03pm April 17
Hi Teck Siong what is this POW Wow. I may have some problems w my gmail lately. I didn't get any notice that we the council shoudl attend? Pls let me know if you have aview on this?Kenneth Jeyaretnam at 1:04pm April 17
TECK SIONG. Hi, saw thsi posting. Is something happening tonite that we in RP should know about?

Hi there all in Friends Of SDP...
Hope to see all of you down at the meeting..
Its been the usual guys and gals that turn up..... Read More
Hope to see all friends and bring along your friends..

You will definitely miss out on something important if you miss out on this meet-up..
No need to ask me why or what... :)
You will know when you are there...

See you all this Friday...Kenneth Jeyaretnam at 1:06pm April 17
P.S. Don't be shy! Let us know why you are a memeber of friends of SDP. I presume that this is an expression of denmocracy. Still lsome public may be confused so share your thoughts please.Kenneth Jeyaretnam at 1:08pm April 17
P.S I notice that Ng E-Jay says he is not attending but he set up and spearheaded the friends of SDP page. So good of you to support them when he doesn't.Jaslyn Go at 1:24pm April 19
Hi Kenneth..

Chance upon your wall post when I stop by TS FB to wish him Happy Birthday..

Allowed me to correct you please..... Read More

E-Jay did not set up or spearhead the FS of SDP. It was me all along.

E-Jay is still a member of FS, same goes for TS..

As you yourself mentioned in the RP group, that there are other members of the opposition joining RP group, so what is wrong with having E-Jay and Teck Siong joining in FS group?

Pow Wow is a once a month informal get together that FS arrange, anyone can come irregardless of which ever party they belong to.Anna Ismail at 1:29pm April 19
I think there is no problem of being who's friend to whom...

To me it is no problem for politicians :)

Cheers.Kenneth Jeyaretnam at 6:52pm April 19
Hi ts hAPPY BIRTHDAYKenneth Jeyaretnam at 6:54pm April 19
Hi Jaslyn- you seem to have misread my comments . I'll clarify on the RP FB page. This is TS's pageNg E-Jay at 1:59am April 21
Hi Kenneth,

I did not spearhead the Friends of SDP page. The credit should go to Jaslyn Go, Vincent Liaw and a couple of others. I don't know how to set up my own group yet! -- but will get down to it someday (I hope!)

E-JayKenneth Jeyaretnam at 2:15am April 22
But you were one of the earlier members right?

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