Sunday, April 19, 2009

to tell or not to tell.....that is the confusion

the storyteller is very confused now after reading this posting....
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Re: Is Ming yi a Guy?



答:你最好把這件事忘記,就是無量功德,會得清淨心。若放在心裡,你想一次他犯戒,就是自己犯 一次戒;想他 造一次業,就是自己造一次業。他在身口上造業,你在意地上造業。惠能大師言:「若真修道人,不 見世間過。」 如果能做到這一句,這一生道業會成就;常將別人的過失放在心上,就毀了自己的前途,來生決定墮 三惡道。你心 不清淨,沒有什麼掩飾不掩飾,這是自己嚴重的過失。

so whether to tell or not to tell, let him clear up his confusion first

JJ is interested in the flower monk


Re: Defrock the monk


Originally Posted by NgEjay
Hi Dogtracker,

3whitetiger = Leetahbar?

Explains everything I guess.

His large red fonts almost made me think he was Clinton8888/Jefferson888 of the old sammyboy forum, but I guess even Clinton888 was a credible forummer compared to him.



hahaha! the guilty will always be conscious about his shadowy deeds.

now tell us what about the correct behaviour of a "NUS SCHOLAR" should be? walk about naked in holland V or regularly cheonging geylang? or get himself wank by transvestite camp-mate?

i think the best is to get exploited by more FLIRTS & DESTROYS. please continue to write more prejudices when FLIRTED to do so so that everyone would side her bangalas instead of local sgporean workers.

Flower monk of shafthim temple


there was upheavaling from the once famous SHAFTHIM TEMPLE where the abbot RUAN CHAK once famed for charitable daredevil stunts had now fallen from grace.

more insider stories about this famous-turned-notorious flower monk RUAN CHAK of SHAFTHIM TEMPLE coming soon

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