Friday, February 27, 2009

the sadist SBS buses!!

the time wasting procedure that keeps commuters waiting and hogging other buses behind.

the sadistic tripping steps.

when u board the new type of SBS bus, observe the awkard and comical action of senior citizens trying to steady and sit their butts on awkardly seats arrangement.

the new buses are totally senior citizens UNFRIENDLY. after boarding, commuters are suppose to move to the back. somewhere in the middle of the bus, the floorboard continues with 2 steps up. to continue moving backward, one must literally "climb" up 2 steps.

sadistic bus is aggravated by even more sadistic driver who drives the bus like jerking a train. u can observe almost tripping of commuters particularly the senior citizens, children and even unwary adults.

another sadistic bus model is even more torturous. it lines it seats in 2 parallel rows, one along each side of the bus interior. in order to trip more senior citizens, it is designed with another redundant nasty 2-steps i.e, u got to lift both ur legs before u can settle and sit on the crampy seats with obstructing holding bars. yes, the jerk driver would be just as sadistically glad to jerk u off balance.

this is the kind of pro-commuter, "excellent service" and later another reason to increase fares by avaricious SBS cos buying sadistic buses cost alot more than the formal good o' day buses.

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