Saturday, February 7, 2009

not even local elites can take on TAMASICK

the real talents are actually the common folks who survive all the hardship. real talents are selfless genius who's ideas are more practical to peasants but helplessly and sadly were put down by another species of talents - the fake talents.

fake talents are the one who would not hesitate to take credits for successes drawn up - maybe by real talents.

finally, the foreign talents. they are simply paid millions to hold high post in names or position only but manipulated by FAKE TALENTS. in the event of failure such losses in billions $ investments, the FOREIGN TALENTS would be blame for it. life for the FAKE TALENTS continue. LEEgime remains "uncorrupted" and clean.

FOREIGN TALENTS are just like REAL LOCAL TALENTS who are disposable but FAKE TALENTS of the same feather flock are not.

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