Monday, May 26, 2008

those who live in high ivory tower....

those people living in the high ivory tower seem to possess futuristic vision. below that tower, peasants are suffering. they are crying. they work multiple jobs to make ends meet. some even were out of jobs. some lose out to the cheaper FTs. some prefer not to work instead of being exploited and paid miserly for their talents.....people like me ;9(

there are cries of foul-play. however, the paps being high up in their ivory tower cannot hear them, cannot see them...even if they can feel their sufferings, they prefer to numb those senses so that it would be less guilty to their conscience.

just think. if our pm could come up with this type of logic: INCREASE GST TO "HELP THE POOR", what other "pap's style of human reasoning" they couldn't come up with to smoke the peasants?

so in the end, are the poor and needies being helped? or have paps helped themselves further to the billions in extra revenues collected from taxes?

a country that is slowly being gnawed away by GREED will start to rot from the core outwards. it's like orchestraing for a fatal heart attack that will maim the entire nation.

when a heart attack is triggered, if lucky, the victim dies. if unlucky, he would be maimed or partially paralysed for life.

what the paps are doing now is walking along this route and putting the entire nation in a risk of getting that 'heart attack'.

i just pray that they could change their mindset and think more for the people than more concerned about how to grow their reserve coffer which they do not seem to be interested to use it back to benefit the peasants.

what reasoning they come up with? SM: TOO MANY SUBSIDIES is bad for the nation.

again, another warped logic. anything that benefit the peasants are actually the last thing in their minds. then why are we building up the reserves for?

we could be a happier nation.....but the paps just stop short there.

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