Monday, May 26, 2008

90 days and still no news

the great mas selamat's escape has reached more than 90 days. there is no news. the paper prints today about the great baptism of termination, discipline and demotion.

does that appease the emotion of the nation for letting loose a dangerous #1 terrorist under the watchful eye in a detention camp?

strangely, the highly or overly bragged about police here couldn't located mas after a 3 months period. talking about efficiency or efficacy and what about a lst class national security? it's such a slap in our own face!

3 perceptions arise from this:

1. mas has escaped and left singapore and back in one of the indonesian remote islands

2. mas was already dead. the escape news release was a diversion to the actual fact that he could be dead in the detention.

3. the more unlikely scenario. his escape into our forest was met with disastrous fatality....liked being pounced upon by a big python and was already snake food or snake poo by now. could have happened what!!

in a tight security detention camp, he could have escaped, then why couldn't be be swallowed whole by a helpful hungry python in the forest? if #3 deduction is true, we are really blessed with monstrous snakes bigger and more efficient than the paps! hahaha...;9)

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