Wednesday, May 28, 2008

for charity, JUST DO IT!

in buddhism, we always preach and practise about the great compassion.

why some are richer than other...some are poorer...there is a reason. buddhists base that on karma and retribulation from the past lives.

buddhism is such a wonderful and beautiful philosophy. it encourages people to be mindful of their less unfortunate brothers and sisters. it smiles on compassionate people who are rich to help the poor cos the buddha-nature of a person has been brought forth.

by doing charity to others, we plant a buddha seed of compassion within ourselves. according to buddhism, this seed will be the good fortune to carry us for the next life. hence buddhism encourages kindness, generosity and compassion.

let's put whatever next life is going to offer us one side first when we do kind deeds.

have u tried do a kind deed? a very simple one? how do u feel after u have done that kind deed?

well, for me, i felt immense happiness within myself. the opportunity to help another beings is not always there for u to delegate ur compassion. but if the conditions were put there for u...u just do the good deed.

however, if instead of doing a good deed, one does the reverse, what is going to happen? nothing actually. at least not now but he has unwittingly sown a bad seed in his karma.

this is what i want everyone to know...that our paps are not doing enough to sow those good compassionate seeds. they neglected the poor and needies. the allocation of funds from our humongous bragged about reserves has never been fairly returned to peasants. the poor and needies benefitted minimal and that comes with a barrage of mouthful of satirical comments like "where u want ur meals to be - hawker centres or restaurants?".

it isn't subsidies that peasants are asking for. but at the foot of the ivory tower where all the 82 paps dwell, there are indeed many peasants who are suffering.

if the gabramen keeps saying subsidies are bad. we should be independent, then where is their duties to show compassion. if they do not show such kindness, the peasants would just learn from them and be unkind and self-centred. the result is we have a very cold and hardened society which only cares for themselves.

hence, the great divide is widening and ever growing bigger.

this is my humble sharing to all who detest charity. you can't be wrong to hate charity here cos there were too many failures one after another in sinkapoor.

but charity stems from our heart...from our compassion to make another fellow being happy. by making our less fortunate happy, we in turn make ourselves happy.

when the poor are not happy, sooner or later they would fight for their kind of 'happiness'. those kind of 'happiness' and fulfilments of their needs could be in the form of crimes such as robbing the rich.

in the end, the rich suffers. in the end the society would be thrown into the end, everyone rich and poor suffer.

will the gabramen be mindful of such scenario that is likely to happen given the fact that the crying of the land is actually getting louder and angrier?

visit any temples which distribute free foods. witness the growing crowd there. you will understand what i mean.

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