Monday, May 5, 2008


if he's not there, would she be there? if one day, deja vu faceoff. do they still support the CAUSE or support each other's ideals? picking cherries over other's internet magazine. tsk..tsk..might as well do one themselves.

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I don't read TOC..but surprise that they did not report on the SDP event..

TOC was at the Toa Payoh event almost the whole day..4 members were there including Andrew Loh and Selene..

I even got Andrew to purchase a TBT tee.. :-) (thank you Andrew!)

They were monitoring the petition signing every now and then..the young camera boy's camera were rolling all the time..capturing supporters who came to support..(I was joking with some friends they were more ISD than ISD..)

They even interview each other for their camera...(自导自演)..

Now I really wonder..why they want to waste time and effort on a event they don't intent to report? Or is it cause this time no arrest being made, so it's not new worthy to TOC?


还未当官,就立官威 :-)

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From: Mata catch SDP but let go of JI (TiLik) 02:09
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Dear Sis LaMei

I think TOC must have its deep-seated reasons for reporting the way they do. :) despite committing so much time and energy into the event.

Well the ISD oso spent alot of time monitoring and monitoring but never take action leh :)

Me oso heard police convoy was on standby nearby and oso never take action leh :)

Now they are going to get the teh-gus to come after us i heard. Will they take action? :)

Ti Lik

Once in a while, whenever we find ourselves speaking in the strange tongues of our opponents, we must stop to question ourselves - who's side are we on? :)

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From: LaMei 02:18
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I don't know..

I thought TOC portray themselves as non-partisan and neutral..

so why should they be behaving like the establishment?

I don't read TOC, as I have sgpolitics..but still to me..additional voice for the opposition is still welcome..

but can't help feeling disappointed that even TOC is not being neutral as what they claimed..just when my impression of Andrew changed when he make his TBT purchase and a donation...

sigh :-(

还未当官,就立官威 :-)

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