Sunday, June 7, 2009

something sinister is brewing in parleement soon,4136,203542,00.html?

the shittimes followup story in today's 30 may leeport. it states that KENNETH JEYARATNAM and SYLVIA LIM as 2 or the most prospective opp mp candidate to be probably shuffled in automatically. then there is a pic of STEVE CHIA who could also be another opp mp in parleement.

ok, think again! what is really behind this very very shrewd and cunning motive?

the great super kiasu and kiasee once ranted about "fixing the opposition". why a change of heart now??

think hor.....something's very interesting and not very normal.

this war strategy is called:


it means: rounding up all the very intimidating opp political wannabes and then slaughtered them up all in one swop.

what a brilliant "opposition fixing" ploy.

how could that be so?.....think lah!! use your blain!

let's set aside this topic and look at the happening and performance of opp party leaders and prospective GE candidates.

what do we witness? nothing much actually.

now radar in onto the peasants' sentiments at ground level。 what do we sense? displeasure, anger. resentment and much unhappiness, sorrows and sufferings. it appears that our very expensive gabramen though being overly and obscenely paid has lost more money than peasants were fully told or aware of. (much details are still concealed from us and if we really know it, u bet there would be massive uproar and public protests!) our news most probably was gotten from foreign media sources and hence shittimes bo bian but had to kekek print it with lots of held back.

this means paps has lost much of their credibility. the old goat's priceless quote about "THE ORCHESTRA PLAYS ON EVEN WITHOUT A CONDUCTOR" is holding true to every words which appear to be very satirically aimed at themselves.

inevitably, in the next GE more seats losses might be prominent. if we see that, pinky sees it too. now back to the intimidating rant he once issued: FIXING THE OPPOSITION. ok, compare to the present "allowing more opp into parleement".

what do u think is brewing in his pink matter?

he's kiasee and kiasu. his premonition about losing would really be a blow to "face saving". instead of waiting for that to happen, it would be better that he "fixes" the opp once and for all. (anyway, it's probable that in the next GE, paps might lose more seats so indicating to allow in more opp mps in advance would save much of the embarrassment later. get the point?)

the opp wanabes as could be seen are just a bunch of blurcocks and appear more for themselves than for peasants. just observe their habitual party hoppings activity, peasants sometime could get very deluded and confused.

eg, u thought ngejay was SDP and suddenly he was in RP. then as suddenly as u thought he was in RP, he was out again and back to SDP. and u think ”oh, so he's back in SDP now" and we heard he could be starting a new political party. such confusion!!

after leaving their original party, some of them even back-mouthed it and pour out more shits openly. such is the resentment when he leaves the party he once was an important "feature" in.

again, if i see that, pinky sees it too.

now to satisfy every peasants that opps are as a whole incompetent and mostly thinking about SELF than SERVICE, he schemes up this ploy to let in the opp mps into parleement and allow them to prove themselves how indept they could be.

he knows it. and if they prove otherwise, he could easily with the aid of his 80 other lackeys would sabo them openly in parleement. he got the means and the ways and the access to most infos which opp do not have. we saw how he and his ball-carriers tekkan ltk.

in the end, opp mps in parleement would make to look like idiots and dimwits. come next GE, what do u think the voters would do?

yep! permanently vote out the opp mps once and for all. next time, no one would dare to suggest supporting opp mps into parleement. the last surviving opp mps might even lose back their wards to the paps. the paps would eventually rule again for 10,000 yrs without any worry about any opposition. they are fully fixed and eliminated for good!

10,000 yrs, 10,000 yrs to the famiLEE DYNASTY...and now, the next ascent of the PRINCE can continue for austerity.


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