Thursday, June 11, 2009

meiling has opened

the old stall where this famous chicken rice once was....

the $1 laksa which was ran by a pair of fatty brothers....

$1.50 traditional chai tao kuey is back in the new meiling.

wow! it was a good thing that the F4 didn't cause much trouble to obstruct the upgrading of MEILING. she's more beautiful now! airier, brighter and with added vital facilities that include escalators - one UP, one DOWN. she also has a lift for the handicaps.

the new makeover meiling is much friendlier. the only drawback is the prices of hawker food has increased. it isn't really much between 20c to 50c. for example, the wholesome handmade soyabean is now 70c. (b4 50c)

a traditional chai tao kuay is still there and surprisingly keeping the old price unchanged at $1.50 per plate! however, another more delicious and more popular one has increased its to $2.50 with slightly more ingredients.

the super yummy hay mee or prawn noodle is history now. the uncle had died after his wifey left him becos of his romp with a china mei mei. another stall which is missing is the super solid generous portion of LOR MEE which used to sell for $2 with all sort of condiments added in.

sad as it is. the char kuay teow man is no longer in biz. he's now in wheelchair with one leg amputated. his char kuay teow was honest to goodness. At $2, u only get the usual sea hums, but fishcakes, lupcheongs and cai xin.

pui soh, LTS' unofficial gf who's the IPOH HOR FUN is back. again, it's the old format. they only open for biz from thursday onwards. they need 3 days to prepare their stuffs like brewing the solid stock gravy that goes into the kuay teow and stewing the ribs and chicken feet.

suprisingly, the oldest chicken/char siew rice still maintains their honest price of $2 per plate. this one u must try. it's cheap. it's good. the soup is very solid and so is the chilli sauce. the portion serve is quite generous especially if u order the char siew rice. for $2.50, u get the shao rou or roasted pork. the friendly hawker couple also whips up some side dishes which are very economically priced between 30c onwards for things like chup choy or cabbages.

with meiling now upgraded and prettier, bigger happier crowds are back to patronise her.

many other stalls are now waiting to be filled. just can't wait for what other surprises meiling would give.

so F4, eat your heart out!!

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