Wednesday, February 13, 2008

now for the cartoon translation

now for the cartoon translation


the world has changed now. it's getting to be funny and man is getting cute.
the poor pretends to be rich,
the rich pretends to be poor.
poor - rear a piggy and sell it off,
rich - rear a doggy put on lap.
poor - dream of marriage,
rich - ask for divorce.
poor - wifey is also secretary.
rich - secretary is also the wifey(mistress).
poor - eat veggie at home,
rich - eat a roast piggy in restaurant.
in kampong, chicken (rooster) calls man in the morning.
in city, man calls chicken(whore) in the night.
old society, lst time gives to husband.
new city, leaves lst born to husband. (sounds familiar?)
old society, artistes sell talent don't sell body.
new society, what talent? sell bodies lah!

hahahaha...GONG XI FA CAI!!

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