Monday, February 11, 2008


Golden Period Or Golden Shit?


prior to the subprime crisis in the USA, lau lee bragged that "we are not in the golden period".

i thought, "wowsay, it's going to be back to those good o' days again when fixed deposit savings hit 12% pa. the share market will be boom time. u buy what shares, u make what....."

just as soon as that big bragging balloon was publicly released, the paps minitoots proposed their salaries increases. they are already getting an overly paid obscene rate and yet ....they are increasing their own pays. even the president prataman is getting an extra million into his pocket for NTD or Nothing To Do job.

how can this be??

i explained to my disillusioned doctor pal: "lau lee's so called golden period is for themselves - the paps minitoot. if he didn't bragged as GOLDEN PERIOD, how can they shamelessly going to increase their own of course smoked the nation into arty-farty dream."

well, really is very farty farting...loud, smelly and definitely stinks! but nothing close to arty creativity of mass conning the nation one more round.

sinkies are SCREWED again. this time with plenty of KY application. OUCH!!

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