Monday, September 3, 2012

the long wasting waiting time,,,,

this is really funny! went to the polyclinic to get my medications and underwent blood routine test. it was very time wasting to go polyclinic. there were so many waiting time periods. lst u get a queue # from dispenser. then wait for # to be called to register ur name. next u go to a room for the blood pressure and weight taking. u gotta take another Q # and wait. after that's done, u proceed to the lab for the blood test. again, wait for # to be called. after test done, wait again for result. finally, with the result obtain, proceed to the area outside the numbered consultation. yes, and wait again. my number was called at last. entered the consultation room. instead of the dr who used to attend to me in the past, they allocated a missy nurse. usually with the dr, it took less than 5 minutes. now with a missy, it took more than 20 mins. gosh! it was quite intimidating. she recorded every words u whined to her. after she had asked enough, she asked me to wait, went to the adjoining room where my regular dr was to ask him to issue the medicine prescription. with that, i exited the room, went to the pharmacy section, deposited the prescription....AND WAIT again. my name was called this time to collect the medicine. u were to suppose to wait for the final time to make payment. luckily, i could skip that as automated payment machines were installed there where i made payment through NETS. a receipt was printed out. here's the very puzzling part about the consultation fee. Full Amount: $35.05 Payable Amount: $10.20 (which means subsidized rate) here's the question: 1. why so bloody expensive if were to pay "full amount"? my GP usually charged everything - consultation & medication - usually about $25 only. 2. Subsidized rate $10.20 is consultation by a MEDICAL DOCTOR. if attended by a SRN missy, shouldn't it be cheaper according? and hell!! the whole process from registration to drugs dispensal to payment took more 2.5hrs. most of time was wasted for waiting :(

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