Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cheaper to eat at restaurants than in hawker centres


better eat in restaurants now. they are cheaper cos prices are down. surprise, surprise!!

for example, ah yat is giving 50% discount on ALL dimsums, mon to sat. during sundays and public holidays, it's 40% discount. same goes for all their ala carte live seafood.

for example their char siew paos, 3 in a basket originally cost $3.80. after 50% discount, it was only less than $2! which means each pao is about less than 80c. cheaper or more expensive than hawker centres?? most of their dimsums were about this range.

last week was at ah yat's turf city. something very illogical happened. till now i still don't get the mathematical equation.

one live tien lor or the jap water snail costs $2.30 ea i.e, after discount. but if u order their special dishes during that day, a bowl of 10 tien lors cooked in soupy ginger and spring onions cost only $4.80. by algebra, it should be like $23! but it only cost $4.80!!

this is what i mean restaurant foods are getting cheaper but hawker foods are getting more expensive. what's the logic here? i also dunno.

i remember eating sri lankan crab not long ago at a hawker centre and was billed like $40. at ah yat's , they chose the live crab, show it to u and if u were satisfised cooked it to the flavor u want. i was recommended the cheesy pumpking crab. yummy!! it was delicious especailly the gravy. the crab was loaded with roes some more which was an added bonus. we ordered fried man tou to dip in the gravy and really cleaned up every shiok drop!

when the bill came, the cost of the cheesy pumpkin crab was only $19.80!! can u believe this price?? we only ordered one cos we were expecting the price might be about $60 but it was lesser than $20. my god!!

it was a value for money worth meal that i was just to glad to foot. of course there were other speciality we ordered like the alaskan long legged crap. simply yummy!! though a bit expensive $169, it was well -worth it!! then there was the peking duck, the braised abalone and etc....all well worth it!!

so what's wrong here? hawker prices are supposed to be very affordable and reasonable but after u order the food, u don't feel that it's value for money. serving shrinks, quality drops and the bloody prices escalated from $2 to $2.50 or even $3 or higher which is about at least 25% increase.

now our public transport. u wait for the bus, it like it's never going to cum. u enter a mrt cabin, it's like a stuff heat sardine can....and the bloody gov is definitely going to approve the fares increase.

rear ass lui who wayang in taking public transport, what would he do? cook up some bombastic reasoning with even more bombastic figures to endorse such increase. he's like voted in by the SMRT OR SBS but not the voters.

so u ask: what the hell are the mps and minitoots idiotic sgporeans voted in for?? for us or for the profiteering public listed companies with their obscene profits??

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