Monday, February 28, 2011

take mrt, can c

c is not the alphabet here. it's hokkien for die. taking the mrt now really can c or die. it's so infuriating and unpleasant and a total contradiction to SMRT's "have a pleasant journey..."

nothing's pleasant taking mrt now. from the control station, the ticket vending machines, through the gates and waiting for mrt to the destination, it's usually quite unpleasant.

if u ve any query, the control station staffs are the grumpiest fuck-faced anyone would love to avoid. cold, unsmiling, unfriendly. they give u a "hey, why don't u F off" kind of feeling. the caveman's version of ticket vending machine pisses u when u r trying to buy a ticket and pisses u again when on reaching your destination u need to recover that $1 coin from the ticket deposit. it's such time waster!

the escalators break down very often and the lift jammed pack. when the trains come, it would be sardine-packed. last time, it occurred only during peak hours. now it seems that that's the standard norm.

does service in smrt improve? no. at least not what i m experiencing but the fares keep going up. there's no where and no other choices for the commuters. we are like herds hurdled into the slaughterhouse.

taking mrt now really can c (die). perhaps some might just drop dead from the stress just by boarding and alighting the mrt or worst develop serious chronic sickness later in life for the daily unpleasant routine.

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