Monday, December 20, 2010

my cpf's retirement wish....FAT HOPE!! :(

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Reply/Quote edit .got this in my email:

Info Update
Our last email update reported that CPF had won the prestigious Stockholm Challenge 2010 Award for Public Administration, and was the first Singapore government agency to win such an award, when it was the only Singapore government agency to win this year. We are sorry for the error.

Last Chance for My Golden Egg Draw
Have you figured out how much you need for your retirement? Pen your retirement wish now! This is your last chance to win an iPad in our Grand Draw. Contest ends 31 December 2010.

P/S Look out for our next email blast where we'll tell you more about the benefits of the CPF Minimum Sum (MS) Topping-Up Scheme!

Yours faithfully

CPF Board

so i penned my retirement wish:

i wish by 55 yo i would get back ALL my cpf savings even though it might be that much. i wish the gov doesn't raise the withdrawal age. i m confused whether i could draw out ALL my $ at 55 or is it 60...or 62...or 65....or shit!! even older :(

i ve been conned into a dunno what ELDERSHIELD which i ve no idea what the hell it's all about and how the hell and when i first signed it. a check with my friends revealed that if i bo chap about that years back, i was already conned into it. IT WAS A OPT OUT major con job which i wasn't aware :((

cpf keeps sending me increased cost for this con the eldershit plan. i can't terminate cos it was already been there so many years which means my meagre interests accrued every year goes to pay for this dunno what shield scheme which i m totally helpless and dunno what to do.

so my wish is very simple: I WISH I COULD GET BACK ALL MY CPF SAVING WHEN I REACH 55 YO. wasn't that the original game rule - withdraw in FULL when we reach 55??

by the way, i think there is a prize for the best RETIREMENT WISH. what irony!! cpf also has CONtests.

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