Saturday, September 4, 2010

$9K to buy NSmen's votes?

like the song suggested: what about the lau peng (those old army boys who have ROD or run out date long ago)? during those days, training was harsher and the pay was pathetic at $90 monthly allowance.

now the NS training is designed more for sissies - so much better life. could that be the residual side effect of the passe STOP AT 2 family planning campaign. the fragile army boys are now precious. complaint departments are set up for the sake of petty complaints. even the son of our PM complained about his commander. to enhance the new breed army boys' fragility, DDS or drop dead syndrome is now so common and frequent happening during their NS training.

during the recent NDP rally speech, our PM implemented this $9k reward for those who complete serving NS, "a little bit higher for commanders". then what about those who have already served long ago, probably in their middle-aged and out of job? what do they get? didn't he boast about NO ONE SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND?

could it be a constipation from his previous ludicrous slip of MEE SIAM MAI HUM foodfare galore?

i think this could be another "vote buying" to get NSmen - serving or ROD to vote for the gahmen. what other forms of angpows are installed to get the crucial votes for pap gahmen to stay in power?

it's so easy to seduce the peasants....but what weak and forgetful peasants do not realise is once GE is over, prices shall soar. it happened last time and everytime after GE, it's bound to happen again. maybe this time it would be even more balls strangling everlasting pain for the next 5 yrs.

sigh!! it happened before, it's going to happen again. devajua. so predictable and inevitable. peasants are going to be screwed pain pain again once the GE's over. :(

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