Sunday, June 6, 2010

graffiti swiss vs SMRT's security system

if swiss oliver fricker didn't show SMRT how he had broken thro their cheapskate wire-meshed fence, deluded their so called "security" camera and spent about 20 mins spray painting a piece of art on their train, just imagine what would make them stand up and not being feeling so complacent about security that puts every commuters at the mercy of terrorists?

GRACIOUSNESS VS FINE, CANING & JAIL.....the singapore-style?

if oliver hadn't done it to alert SMRT, the real terrorists might prove to them how easy for them to plant a bomb in the trains without even SMRT knowing it after all had been done.

did SMRT know it from the YOUTUBE after the videoclip was put up? if that's the case, we are really in serious trouble. someone in smrt should get himself (or themselves) all buttered!!

how much would smrt have to pay to ask some security firm to test their system? that's a planned testing. it wouldn't be accurate than an impromptu one like what the swiss had done.

caning, jail and! talking about graciousness and something that turned out to be a blessing in disguise to smrt. if oliver fricker hadn't done it, would smrt have realised their complacency and wait for the real terrorists to prove to them how lame their cheapo security has put the citizens at an explosive risk?

was there any real damage? yes. a cut cheapskate wire-meshed fence which would be easily and cheaply amended.

solution: SMRT (n singapore) should act GRACIOUS now and let the swiss off. he has proven to smrt that their security system is simply pathetic, hopeless and put every commuters at risk. just order the swiss to pay for the damaged fence and let him off. as for the graffiti, maybe they should just leave it. smrt trains are boring. if it's not, they are being exploited with advertising graffitis which obstruct visual just like the money-crazed sbs buses wih all their obstructing ads pasted all over viewing windows.

could SMRT be trying to get even with the swiss for a more intrinsic resentment? oliver did embarrass SMRT to every singaporean by breaching their overly bragged security system. does this incense smrt to wanna get even with oliver?

if that's the case, singapore can stop talking of being GRACIOUS. just let the world knows that we are indeed a tyrannic cuntry ruled by a dynasty.

loss of face vs getting even?.......

if the gov really wanna fine, maybe they should fine SMRT for providing such unreliable lousy security. if waiting for tragedy to happen, it would be too late cos many innocents would have paid for smrt's complacency with their lives and who actually is guilty of the bigger offence? oliver or smrt?

ST NEWS.....

Jun 4, 2010
MRT train vandalised
Man arrested; incident raises security concerns at restricted areas
By Teh Joo Lin

A screen grab taken off YouTube showing the graffiti-painted train in service. A commuter had shot video footage of the train pulling out of Kembangan MRT station and posted it on the video-sharing website. The train plied its route for an unknown period of time, in full view of commuters. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE
AN MRT train parked in a depot was hit with garish graffiti in what amounted to a serious security breach in a restricted area here.
The vandal apparently sneaked into the sprawling depot at Changi, despite an array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire.
Once inside, he spray-painted elaborate graffiti on one side of a train, across one carriage. The Straits Times understands that the vandal, a 33-year-old Swiss national, cut through the fence of the depot along Xilin Avenue, in what is believed to be the first such case of vandalism here.
Read the full story in Friday's edition of The Straits Times.

Oliver Fricker, 32, a business consultant, was charged with cutting the fence of the depot and damaging public property. --PHOTO: FACEBOOK.COM

Jun 5, 2010
Charge: Trespass, vandalism
By Shuli Sudderuddin

A SWISS national who works here was charged in a criminal mentions court on Saturday with trespass and the vandalism of an MRT train at the Changi depot.

Oliver Fricker, 32, a business consultant, was charged with cutting the fence of the depot and damaging public property.

He was also charged with vandalism by spraying paint on two carriages of an SMRT train, and trespass by entering the Changi depot without permission.

Also named on the charge sheet was British citizen Lloyd Dane Alexander. It is not known if he is still in Singapore and the police are still investigating.

Despite the barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire, the duo is believed to have cut through the fence of the depot, along Xilin Avenue. Once inside the depot, they spray-painted graffiti on one side of a train. The graffiti had the signature 'McKoy Banos', believed to be that of two persons who have vandalised trains elsewhere.

The train later went into service for some time, in full view of commuters.The incident was reported to the police on May 19. Fricker was arrested about a week later.

Read the full report in The Sunday Times.

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