Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shit! i lost my very X latest XL CK X in genting highlands :(

the lst X in the heading is for eXpensive. the next X in XL is of course the size of my waist. the final X in CK X is the latest ck undies in the market.

bought it. tried it. very shiok! but not for long :(

genting highlands sent me a letter. wow! goodie! FREE STAY for 4Days3Nites! in RESORT HOTEL. then, FREE usuage of 4 hrs KTV room with FREE foods, drinks & etc - ALL FREE! then, FREE NITECLUB SHOW!! wow!! ITALIAN MAGIC SHOW - FREE!! i was entitled 2 tickets to the very front seat. yes, FREE!!

coincidentally, there was NATA exhibition in EXPO. my goodness! the super VIP coach ticket to genting as only at $20. and it was returned ticket some more. ON ah!! bought the bus ticket and ready to set off to genting hopefully for a good killing.

4d3n in genting...what could one do? gamble. and that was what kept me occupied. i lost every ringgit i had in my wallet. but worst, i lost my new , the latest very X ck X undies.

shit! ptui!! to genting! u took all my ringgit and u stole me beloved ck X. the osman who cleaned my room should be very happy. he should also be very sad. happy cos he found my ck X which was left in the bathroom. i forgot to pack it after a almost 24 hr gambling spree which sent me hurrying to chase after the bus. shit! shit! shit! i forgot about my very eXpensive ck X in the toilet. mati lah!! siao liao lah!!

osman, the room cleaner must be thrilled! my ck X was brand new and cost more than $50 (after promotional discount). BUT...he must also be sad cos osman was only a S size. how could he fit into my XL sized ck X. well, unless he fattened himself up 3 grades from S to M to L and finally to XL.

and oh!! my BO in the undies....hope it gives osman continuous wet dream! ;)

oh!! i miss my very X CK X XL brand new undies :*(

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